Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is the Vice President of Miller Broadcast Management, Inc. For the past 18 years Matt’s background in News, Talk and Sports enabled him to develop and advance the careers of many of today’s best known broadcasters; and was instrumental in the evolution of today’s Sports Radio Format. As a former Senior Quality Control Analyst for Strategic Media Research, Matt’s extensive knowledge of audience research and ratings metrics makes him a premier strategist in the ideal placement of Radio and Television Talent.

Matt consults several companies and individuals in new media initiatives, helping to reinforce brand recognition and distinctive digital platforms. As a result, MBM’s clientele remains at the cutting edge of technological advances.

Matt is recognized by the media industry as a talent cultivator and syndication specialist. By working intensely with his clientele, he has helped transform many of today’s best and brightest broadcast personalities through proven and effective management techniques. Through his guidance, MBM’s clients excel at an unparalleled pace.

A popular speaker at industry events and conventions, Matt enjoys every opportunity
to help those individuals seeking to establish and/or broaden their careers in broadcasting.

Matt holds a B.A. in Management from Loyola University and is a licensed Employment Counselor with the State of Illinois. Matt has lived in Washington, D.C., San Diego, Denver, Honolulu, Kansas City and Dallas and currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and two children.