About MBM…

For the past 27 years MBM has been dedicated to career development, planning, placement, syndication and contract negotiation for Talent and Management in the broadcast industry. Providing local and national representation, MBM forged new ground in establishing the rights of Broadcasters and Broadcast Management to secure independent representation from a group of experienced broadcast professionals.
MBM has successfully represented hundreds of broadcast performers and management throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia.

Providing Career Services to Broadcast Talent and Management

  • Career design, planning, development and execution of short and long-term professional goals
  • Presentation of Talent and Management to Owners, Stations and Network Executives
  • Define and create network, syndicated and local opportunities
  • Secure on-air and off-air professional positions
  • Creation of multi-media platforms
  • Negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • Marketing of Clients


About the principals…

Lisa Miller, President

Matt Miller, Vice-President